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Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University


Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University is an authorized Higher Educational Institution, founded by Bishop Giuseppe Pasotto, the Apostolic Administrator of Latin Catholics in Caucasus in 2001 as the Institute of Philosophy, Theology, History and Culture.  There was only one faculty – the faculty of Theology. Multiple profile Christian theology was taught on the faculty. International symposiums, conferences, seminars were organized on the faculty. Various theological, philosophical and historical books and manuals were published in the University. Gradually, partnerships were established with various European universities. Visiting lecturers enriched the knowledge, imagination and skills of our students.

The University obtained further institutional accreditation in 2009. From this time onwards, educational programs are gradually added and today the University carries out educational activities with 13 undergraduate (Law, Business Administration, Business Administration in English, Tourism, Theology, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, and graduate (Law, Business Administration, Public Administration, Theology) programs on three faculties. There are several research institutes and centers on the basis of the faculties, which organize the research activities of the university. As a result, several hundred studies have been conducted, dozens of books, textbooks and scientific journals have been published.


Thanks to highly motivated young and experienced researchers and professional staff members, transparent management and teamwork, appropriate infrastructure and tangible and intangible resources, we are learning, creating and spreading knowledge in humanitarian, social and fundamental scientific fields that is reflected in traditional, innovative and educational products.

We ensure learning and research environment to develop free and creative manner of thinking that enables to completely realize a person’s potential.

 We are involved in restructuring the society with the help of highly qualified specialists who respect fundamental human rights and private property ideals.

Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University, which respects the principles of human dignity and freedoms and which is involved in public development processes, creates the environment for professional, research and creative development that ensures the university’s impeccable reputation and international recognition.


Freedom _ We believe that freedom is the basis of man’s dignity, creativity, self-realization and humanity.  Therefore, personal and academic freedom are both important for the university.  Free people create free society. 

Focusing on quality _ ensures competitiveness of educational programmes and graduates, high research reputation and the university’s international-scale recognition.

Transparency _ application of open and public approaches to all processes at the university.

Equality and diversity _ we believe that achieving success is possible thanks to the multicultural environment and approximation of cultures and generations.

Cooperation _ being focused on internal and external partnerships and our opportunities, we believe that our interdisciplinary approach is a key to success.

Creativity _ reflected in our morale to adopt new ideas and forms of expression, show intellectual curiosity, take risks and nurture entrepreneurial spirit.

Empathy _ we are entirely focused on man’s needs, interests and personal development.

Trust _ we believe in our employees’ determination, loyalty, impeccable work ethics and aspiration to perfection.

Inclusiveness _ culture and environment in which we seek, salute and prioritize gifted minds.

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