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National Academy for Medical Sciences


National Academy of Medical Sciences Nepal was previously known as Bir Hospital. It was established in the year 1889 and the present name was given on the hospital 114 years of completion in 2002. This was the first hospital to provide basic healthcare education to the students. The government of Nepal took the initiative to build the hospital with the aim of providing quality medical professionals to serve the country. They also aim to give the countrymen best quality healthcare services. They had the dream to expand the hospital and develop research opportunities for betterment of the society.

National Academy of Medical Sciences Nepal works by making a central Institutional review Board to control and coordinate the functions of all the institutions under its control. This institution works hard to spread healthcare services to remotest parts of the nation and make individuals aware of the different diseases and health related things. Vice chancellors and administrative bodies of all the Universities in the country work hand in hand to make the healthcare facilities in the country great.



National Academy of Medical Sciences is an institute of great repute offering Diploma, Undergraduate and Post graduate pharmacy programs. There is a huge inflow of applications from students seeking admissions 2023. The institute holds high repute and is evident from the fact that the Institute invites applications from foreign land students who wish to secure quality education. Such students may seek admission to their favourite institute under the National Academy of Medical Sciences NRI Quota Admission.


National Academy of Medical Sciences is an educational institution located in Nepal. It was established in 1889. The National Academy of Medical Sciences offers modern medical science courses in various specialties including intensive treatments and practical knowledge of operating theatres. National Academy of Medical Sciences has various pre-clinical science and clinical science departments.



College costs more than it used to. And when it comes to post graduation and specialization courses, the sky is the limit for the expenses. Not all can afford the kind of fees that is being charged by top notch universities and institutions. For the reason, many students tend to miss out on availing the best facilities of education in their realm of interest.

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