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Patan Academy of Health Sciences


Patan Academy of Health Sciences University is a public college dedicated to production of doctors who can serve the needy people of the country. Nepal is a poor nation and adequate healthcare facilities are still missing in rural and remote areas. The skilled doctors do not show much interest in treating the needy people staying in underdeveloped areas. This institution is a public college with nonprofit making objective. The main aim is to give the country good and skilled doctors who will understand the poor conditions of the people.

Patan Academy of Health Sciences University is located in Patan region of Nepal which is adjoining to Kathmandu. This college has the mission to provide innovative and research oriented treatment to the poor people of Nepal. Many areas of Nepal are still unreachable by good doctors and medical professionals. This college has goals of creating compassionate doctors who will communicate happily with patients and will be committed to lifelong learning. They are also dedicated to improve the overall health conditions of the nation and sit with government officials to know the detailed status of the current healthcare conditions of the country. The college motivates the doctors to work with moral attitude and show love to the people who get nothing from technological innovation till now.



Patan Academy of Health Sciences University Nepal seeks to offer students high-quality medical education and empower them with the best of both the worlds. Students at Patan Academy of Health Sciences University, Nepal are prepared as such to take care of emerging medical and health problems as well as be completely charged in case of an emergency.
The Institute offers a holistic environment for students who seek Patan Academy of Health Sciences University, Nepal admission. The learning environment is conducive to fulltime faculty members, outstanding learning environment, exemplary laboratories, excellent library and provisions of guest lectures by globally recognized medical practitioners, researchers, and academics. All this bear testimony to the fact that MBBS admission 2023 to the Institute received a voluminous response.



The importance of producing qualified doctors and medical researchers is recognized the world over. This acknowledgement is one of the reasons for the widespread availability of graduate scholarships for medical students, offered at medical colleges. Patan Academy of Health Sciences University, Nepal scholarship also seeks to do the same. Medical College bills are considerably higher and students studying at the Institute can avail of financial aid by way of Patan Academy of Health Sciences University, Nepal scholarship program given to deserving candidates.

Scholarship /grant are designed for the Indian medical student to help them. Candidates get financial aid to study further in any department of medical science like

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