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Beihua University


Beihua University is an extremely popular state-owned Government University that was established in the year 1906. The university is located in the Jilin city of China. The university was merged with three different universities in the year 1999. Beihua University is one of the most sought-after destinations of MBBS in China. The university offers topquality education which is exactly the reason as to why the university is a top priority for China MBBS. The total campus area of three different campuses is about 1,263,700 square meters. There are a lot of students from all over the world enrolling in Beihua University for pursuing medical study in China.

Beihua University Faculty of Medicine puts emphasis on medical research & medical education and makes great achievement in disciplines. Until now, Beihua University Faculty of Medicine has been qualified to award master’s degree in 32 specialties also doctoral level specialties are being awarded. Beihua University is one of the oldest and best universities with a total campus area of 1,263,700 square meters combining all three universities. Over lakhs of students from all over the world visit China to study at Beihua University


Beihua University offers numerous undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs with study centers in different fields of medicine. Three different campuses of Beihua University are capable of providing all the facilities to the students pursuing a medical course at Beihua University.

Academic and non-academic facilities provided at Beihua University include the library, financial aid, exchange programs, and administrative services. Beihua University scholarship programs and affordable fees make Beihua University the best choice for medical students.

Beihua University is having almost 27 institutes. Beihua University is officially recognized by the Department of Education of the Jilin Province. Beihua University is approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and recognized by World Health Organization (WHO).


Beihua University ranking in the country is 412 whereas Beihua University ranking in the world is 6179. Beihua University departments are diverse and have specialty professors at each Beihua University departments for effective and efficient learning.

International airports near Beihua University are Changchun Longjia International Airport and Harbin Taiping International Airport. Beihua University online application is simply done by their university portal.

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